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Praktické služby pro náhradní plnění

Společnosti s více než 25 zaměstnanci mají povinnost zaměstnávat OZP, tuto povinnost Vám pomůže splnit náhradní plnění 2015,v jeho rámci odeberete hodnotné služby na profesionální úrovni.

Specialista na zateplení fasád rodinných domů Profibau CZ

Provádíme zateplování fasád rodinných domů po celé České republice. U nás najdete nejen osobní přístup, ale také orientaci na kvalitu a detail.

Poradíme Vám, jaké betonové směsi jsou vhodné na konkrétní použití.

Zajímá Vás cena betonu? Zašlete nám nezávaznou poptávku a my stanovíme cenovou nabídku do 24 hodin.

Investiční zlato vám pomůže zhodnotit váš majetek.

V rámci kompletní služby stěhování bytů provedeme prohlídku bytu, dodáme obalový materiál a demontujeme nábytek.

Space savings


Storage, such as built-in and freestanding cabinets, chests of drawers and shelves, are an integral part of every household equipment in todays minimalist trend.

Built-in cabinets

Boom wardrobes can pursue on the market for more than ten years. Their advantage is maximum use of space to store things. They are not only in the bedrooms on the clothes, but also serve in place of the hall closet or bathroom or utility room for cleaning products. We find also in living rooms, which serves as the library, or designed as the entire wall to which it is then hidden televisions and other devices. The kitchen is used as a food casing.
The main advantage of "in-building" is that the body acts as a large mass, but rather blends in with the wall or fill a niche optically disturbed. Another advantage of the sports area without unnecessary corners where dust settles. Built-in cabinets occupy a large area, which can be use to design aesthetically and match with other furniture. If we use strong materials, the cabinet becomes dominant over the room. Try to large areas of "break" panels of frosted or colored glass. Use can also color laminated boards, veneer or resistant laminate. With the mirror carefully, you need to carefully consider where it can be and how it will affect the whole cabinet. In stylish interiors are used as non-traditional fillings - bamboo, perforated boards, paper carpet and more. Or leave the cabinet to blend with the surrounding wall and then as white. Cabinet then appear compact and basically her indoors notice.

Space savings

Shelving system is suitable to the nursery option. So we get an overview over textbooks, toys and other odds and ends. When regálky more, we can also zaplnt baskets or plastic boxes for toys.

Quite often when planning storage space oblivious to the washing and cleaning. Mop, broom, vacuum cleaner, detergent, iron and the like should have their permanent site which is ideally located in the chamber, in a closet in the hallway or in the utility room.

Plain desk would completely fill the hall. This option writing corner to corner to add the sides for a number of different shelves, shoe cabinet with mirror and a clothes rail. Who shoes and outerwear rather not expose to show off in front racks can be mounted even sliding panels or doors that this mounting system also offers (Element System). White forehead before the furniture has painted purple walls and elegantly modern. The wall hook can even hang a folding chair.

Bathroom set Renova Nr.1 Plan was specifically designed for small rooms. Toilet space just 48 cm deep savings compared to conventional sanitary items up to 15 cm. Another space saving tub in the bathroom, which tapers at the rear.

Bedroom Venero has many thoughtful details, such as the lighting, it is subsequently possible to change the height of the bed, storage space behind the headboard or adjustable plate on the nightstand, which suddenly turns into a breakfast table.

Plenty of storage space in the hallway prevent tossing clothes around the house. Cleaning will not be a problem. Remember also that the visit needs to defer clothing. You should set aside a few pegs.

Who likes bedtime look a nice film, but does not want the bedroom television was dominant, it can hide behind a sliding door.

Door wardrobes are not always-the-art design. We can also have a veneer frame construction together with glass and fine fabrics. Suddenly we get a different style of interior.

Light clothes rod
Clothes rail with fluorescent lighting is controlled via a rocker switch or motion sensor, which is 30 seconds after the last registered movement off. This achievement is suitable for dark rooms or locker rooms where there are no windows and where you need to add lighting. The advantage is that the rod can be cut to size.